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Day 2 Camino de Santiago

Day 2 Cizur Menor – Puenta de la Reina 20 km

It is very difficult to sleep. There is a metal bunk bed and I am in the place above. I feel every move of the girl below and I keep hearing the creaky metallic sounds. It is morning. We have breakfast and then we leave. Thesunrise is beautiful, the clouds are colorful and somehow all that creates a good walking vibe.


After some kilometers, we stop for a coffee for mom and a tea for me. The people in the village are just waking up and I see a big bus taking the kids to school. We leave again and a new moment follows. I give up to … I don’t know what (dignity?), and I allow myself to use the bushes instead of a restroom. Even funnier, when I come out of the bushes there is another pilgrim coming and he sees me. It happens. I meet a lizard and I realize how fast lizards are. They get scared of people and run very fast. I promise myself that I will manage to take a picture of one someday. We catch up with Andreea from Hungary, whose ankle is still swollen and she barely walks. Somehow, she has reached Puenta de la Reina like the rest of us. Good girl.


I continue walking while listening to the fairytales. A beautiful story starts, Adventures of Anybody by Richard Bandler, the co-creator of Neuro-linguistic programming. Another quick lizard hides when I arrive close to her preparing my phone to take a picture. I am hiking to Alto de Perdon, the highest point for that day. There, on a plateau, pilgrims stop to rest and take pictures of the metal pilgrims statues. Perdon means forgiveness and mom says that we are supposed to forgive everyone and everything in order to continue the way more pure and joyful. Now, I do understand why I find this day so tough. I feel pain now, because in order to forgive some facts, I have first to remember them. It is June, the 6th and I have to start forgiving a little bit every day, it’s a process.



I discover I love flowers. I look around and I wonder how splendid they are. Especially the red poppies. What was that I used to admire and why did I never looked at flowers this way  before? I am walking by myself but from time to time I meet other pilgrims. I notice a lot of Asian people, today I saw 5 of them.

I take an alternative route to visit an interesting church, called the Church of Saint Mary of Eunate, built in the 12th century. I pass through a village with many colorful gardens and I find a great park to stop and rest. I take my shoes off and I take a walk on the wet and soft grass. It is also a little bit sticky when walking under acacia trees.


I reach the church and I sit down in the shadow. I want to eat my sandwich but a lady comes and says that we are not allowed to eat in the enclosure of the church. So we leave and make a picnic on the hill on a bench.

We continue the road to Puenta de la Reina. It means the queen’s bridge. The bridge was built to honor the wife of Sancho the 3rd and to help the pilgrims cross the Arga river. I use my last amounts of power to walk to the albergue.


After showering and washing clothes, I go out in the garden and I relax through yoga poses for an hour and a half. Then I go for another barefoot walk, I love it. And once again, I see a lizard hiding.

In the dormitory, I massage my feet and legs, as my muscles need special care to relax. It is a first time event, I have to cut my first blister with my penknife. It sounds weird but everyone does that. I realize how great it is to ignore some small discomfort and live your life, instead of complaining about it or using it as an excuse to abandon your goal. My left knee also hurts, I massage it a few times a day.

My mom and I go for a walk and we find a great store where we buy some spinach, camembert cheese and whole corn bread. Delicious.


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