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Day 3 Camino de Santiago

Day 3 June 7th  2013 Friday

Puento de la reina- Estella 22 Km

My mom wakes me up early in the morning and we leave together. The way is a little bit difficult, it goes up and down through vineyards and wheat fields.

After some kilometers I realize that I forgot my red baseball cap at the albergue and that makes me feel sad. I know, I shouldn’t bother for material possessions, but I loved that cap. And it was also practical in the sun…

The first village in our way is very quiet. It’s as if the village itself sleeps. This is because we walk very early in the morning. I find out that all the villages and small towns in the Basque Country look almost the same. There is stone pavement on the streets. The houses are made from light brown bricks and they are also partially painted in light brown. All the houses have flowerpots at their windows or on the balconies. I like the next town more, Ciraqui, it is like a citadel. We have to climb in order to reach the city center. We are searching for something to eat. It is 8 o’ clock in the morning and almost everything is still closed. We eventually find something to eat.

We continue our journey. It becomes heavier because it is cloudy. I can see vineyards everywhere and I remember the ones at my grandparents that live at the countryside. I miss them a lot. I stop for a few seconds in Villatuerta to smell the jasmine near someone’s home.

At some point, I see that some ants are crossing the camino. I stop again to gaze them, then a butterfly fascinates me and I follow it.


I arrive in Estella, a small town with 15,000 inhabitants. It smells weird at the beginning because there are a few plants, I don’t know for sure what they manufacture there. I call it a day at 2 pm because my legs are ‘out of service’. I use my last amounts of energy to go through the town and reach the albergue. I make sure that I don’t make a step more than it is necessary.

We sleep at Albergue Juvenil. And I like it very much. It is the first place where I can take a nap. It is enough silence because we are in a room with another 3 persons, a nice Hungarian couple and a Spanish guy.

When I thought that the fact that I am so tired is the worst that can happen, it starts raining and it gets worse…


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