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Day 4 Camino de Santiago

Day 4
June 8th 2013 Saturday
Estella- Los Arcos 21 Km

It is heavily raining so we start to walk at 7 o’ clock. The music on my ipod is too happy for this rainy day, so I listen to some affirmations. Leaving Estella, we reach a famous fountain called Bodegas Irache. What is it famous for? Well, you can drink wine there. But today it seems to be our unlucky day and we get water there.


I notice that the other pilgrims are all smiling. I also start to smile no matter what. I saw three worms today… so far. I am all wet under my rain poncho. But I have a great surprise, I discover that my rain poncho is so big, so it also covers me when I take pictures under my hood without getting my phone wet. No matter the weather, these woods are beautiful.


I stop for the first time today after two hours. I buy a tea and a croissant at Azketako bar. It is awesome to stay here under a roof and in a warmer environment than outside. I try to dry my clothes and I am on the road again.


I see a snail and I start wondering how long would it take for one to walk the camino. Perhaps, the snails have their own camino, smaller than ours. I now have a recommendation for me and for the other pilgrims. It would be better if we all stopped killing small creatures by stepping on them. Oh, there are so many animals and flowers and other beautiful things that I see now only because I took the time to walk instead of driving or taking the train. I start to appreciate and even enjoy this rainy day.

I overhear a conversation between two fat people. They are talking about how eager they are to arrive home and to eat their favorite dishes. I am only thinking that I will meet my friends back home and tell them all the stories from my trip.


I notice that it is better for my pictures if I walk faster and I leave the other pilgrims behind. The landscape looks nicer without the pilgrims wearing black rain ponchos or other stuff hanged on their backpacks. 


I walk in the red mud. I am alone now because everyone is behind me but I see a lot of traces on the road. I realize that we are a lot of us. I can walk really fast today because of the rain. It even looks uncomfortable. The rain is good, it gives me power somehow. Neeko, a nice guy that I saw a few days back, catches up with me. He has the same backpack as mine. He is very kind and asks smiling: “Todo bien?”. I also smile and nod. He continues walking. Faster then me.


For the first time, ironically in the rain, I run out of water. I have to walk like this a few kilometers. I also get to meet a sheep herd on my way.


From time to time, I see a milestone with a shell on it. Or a yellow arrow to show me which way to go. You can see also abandoned shoes or other objects on these stones.


I reach Los Arcos and I rest on a bench. I wonder where we will sleep tonight when an older Asian women asks nicely if I know how far the next village with albergue is. 3 kilometers. So I think that I can also walk a little bit more after using a toilet and having something to eat. And I would massage my legs because they hurt.
I stop near someone’s courtyard to play with a goatling. I want to pet him or her through the fence and it licks my finger. So funny. I arrive at a fountain to fill my water bag. There is a cat on the street and I want to play with it and take some pictures but it comes rubbing my foot. So I pet it. My mom arrives. She wants us to sleep in this village tonight so we start searching for accommodation. The first place we try is already full so we arrive to Amigos de Camino. It is a big place and very crowded but it looks quiet. We share a bedroom missing a door with a girl from Germany and another one from Denmark.
I go out to buy some food. I find some bread, cheese and tomatoes in an alimentacion.
I meet at the albergue the nice French crew from the first day and also the guy that saw me coming out from the bushes the second day, is here. We stay for a while to chat and they notice my space-invader pin on my backpack and the find it interesting.
We escape that place actually …


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