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Day 5 – Alternative way for the Camino de Santiago

June 9th Sunday

“Family – we may not have it all together, but together we have it all.“ – I start to realize how important family is, for us, humans. Or, at least for me, it is. So, I should tell you once more that I am doing this camino with my mom. We failed in spending time together in the past few years. We understand each other without speaking, but we need some bonding. And some new experience will be ok. Like walking around looking like this:


We spend this particular Sunday in Nanclares de la Oca. This location is not on the camino. As I said, at the end of day 4, we escaped that albergue. We chose to visit some relatives for one day instead of walking. There is a quote, I don’t remember who wrote or said it. “If you think you are illuminated, you should spend some time with your family and you will feel normal again”. Well, for me it was quite the opposite. After these hours with these people, I felt more illuminated and more cheerful than before. This may be also because I played with three kids, three boys. All of them being joyful and beautiful. These people are the cousin of my mom and his lovely wife and children. They live in Spain now and we see each other very rarely, unfortunately. When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time with my mom’s cousin. We played together because he is only seven years older. This was when I used to live the whole summer with my grandparents in Maramures. And I really like this person.




In the evening, we say goodbye. Before that we promise that we will see each other more often. We take advantage and we go by car to Navarette. In order to continue walking the way. We arrive at a private albergue “El cantaro”, very cosy and intimate. There are here only three other pilgrims: Jean-marie and Gizelle, a nice Canadian couple which hey offers us a glass of wine, and Dirk, a German guy, who sits at the opposite side of the table, having a beer, obviously In the dormitory, there are another four people. Someone from this small team snore all night.


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