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Day 6 Camino de Santiago

Day 6

Monday, june 10th 2013
Navarrete-Azofra Km 22.6

No more rain, the sun is up. But down here, the path I am walking on, is still covered in mud. I am in “La Rioja’ region, which means the red one. This name comes from the red soil. This area is well known for the wine made here. I tried the wine, it is really good. Everywhere you look around, you can see a lot of vineyards and vineries.
I arrive at a crossroad with the Ventosa village and I am a little bit confused where to go to. I find it eventually, I see the yellow arrow, the proof that I am on the right way.20130815-215800.jpg
I continue walking down a hill. I can see a big city ahead. It is Najera.20130815-215812.jpg
I stop in a bar to rest. My mom is waiting here to check what I am doing. She also tells me that the bartender is a Romanian girl so I can order in my own language. It is easier to speak Romanian or at least English when I am tired. I feel like home because also the customers are nice people from Romania.
I get lost when I am supposed to leave the town. I am following the road signs which are showing Belorado and Burgos. It takes about half an hour and I realize that I have to turn back. It smells like elderflower. I am happy to see other pilgrims. I find also a fountain to get some water. I give up on buying a new baseball cap. In these camino-towns you can find only food. And that, if you arrive in the right hours.
I walk singing ‘what a wonderful world’
My mom is already in Azofra when I arrive here. She had time to buy some cherries. I am so happy to eat them. This albergue is very nice and most of the pilgrims that checked in here are kind of old. I mean they are wise people in their sixties or more. Two young pilgrims arrive. They are doing the camino on horseback. I like them. They go ahead but they recommend a nice place to sleep in Granon. I will sleep there.
The nice Canadian couple is here. The Hungarian couple, also. I take my book in the garden and read about happiness. I have to mention, that in this albergue, I sleep only with my mom in a room. No bunk beds, no snorers. We cook pasta for dinner. Aglio e peperoncino. Everyone is in the kitchen. There are only 2 cooker stoves and there is almost a queue to mix food in the pot. A German gentleman borrows my corkscrew. He is very neat, he asks me where I come from and he tells me that he works at Sandoz. There is a big crew of Germans here, they have fun on the camino. There is also a nice Italian guy here but I do not have the chance to talk to him.
I find other young people, a guy from Hungary. I cannot remember his name but he is a chemist. And there is Saskia from Holland. She will walk with us until Leon and from there she will go north on camino primitivo.


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