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Day 7 – Camino de Santiago – my favorite day

Day 7
Tuesday, june 11th 2013
Azofra- Ciruena – Santo Domingo de la Calzada – Granon
22.4 km

I had a nice sleep. We leave early. I am thinking about what I do leave behind me on this world.

I eat breakfast on the way. I eat one peach and one apple. I walk listening to mantras. I would like to come again on the camino by bike. Wanna come with me?

In Ciruena, there is no bar and no store for me to buy a tea or a snack. This village seems uninhabited. I eat some leftovers and continue going. My dad calls, asking me how it is going. He tells me to come home and I tell him, I will go home, but after walking the camino.

The next town, Santo Domingo de la Calzada is also desolate, I cannot find any bar. I call it a bar, because here in Spain, any café, pastry shop or small restaurant is called a bar. I stop to rest near a big bridge. I go again in the bushes because I need to do a number one. I see a snake and he scares me. I also scare him and he disappears. I change my walking shoes with my sandals. It is so comfortable to walk when the skin on my feet can breath. Now I am really hungry. I only have a small piece of chocolate to eat, so I eat it. There comes another pilgrim. He looks a little bit weird, he is all dressed in black. He is carrying a few more small bags hooked on him besides a huge backpack. He walks with his dog. His black dog.

I leave. I see a lot of storks nesting on top of some electricity pillars. Two of them are kind of kissing, can you see the picture?

It is 11 o clock. I’ve been walking for 5 hours, 14 km. I could not find any shop or bar, I had no proper meal, no tea and I did not see so many people today. I walk towards Granon. 7 more km. This is a perfect day for me being myself, with my thoughts and my insights.

So here I am. Granon. We sleep at albergue parochial called Hospital de peregrinos San Juan Bautista. Is is in the same building as a church. We will sleep on mattresses in the attic. Sounds interesting.

In the afternoon, I stay in the courtyard, lying on the grass. I eat some cherries. I meditate. I practice some yoga poses. It is so good here, I don’t want to leave.

I visit the bar for a glass of wine – vino tinto. I share the table with two ladies from Austria. They are very kind and neat and I am so happy to practice speaking German with them. There comes another girl with us. She is Nicole from Australia. She is friendly, I like her a lot. She walks the camino and then, she will go to New York and Mexico. Quite a vacation. I admire her a lot, already. Neeko is also here. The guy from Argentina that leaves in Barcelona. He has also quit his job before walking the camino.

I change the table with Nicole. Here is another happy crew. Bernard and Dominque, a French couple, tres sympa. They make some interesting pictures of us making weird faces. There is another French couple here and also, Enji and Jin, two Koreans. Enji is 21, she studies in Grenoble and she speaks English and French very good. Jin is 28. Unfortunately he barely speaks English so we cannot talk to each other. This is my first language barrier. At the table next to ours, there are three lovely and funny Italians. One of them is the one I saw one day before and I had a small crush on him. I don’t know his name …

We receive free dinner. During the preparation I forget to mention that I am a vegetarian. The hospitalieros find somehow some pasta and tomato sauce for me. There is an awkward moment after dinner. And veeery funny. Each group of people from each country are supposed to sing a song, specific for their country. And when it comes our turn… of course that we are the only ones from Romania, my mom and I, both of us, the worst singers ever. I have no clue what to sing so my mom makes a suggestion that we sing a well known Romanian folk song. Ok with me and we start singing. We do the best we can. I think my clapping sounds better than my voice. But everyone laughs. And there were other bad singers so it’s fine. I feel a little bit ashamed. It would have been better if the group from Romania was larger that evening. Actually, I did not meet any other Romanians on the camino.

After dinner, we are invited in the church to say a prayer. I wanted to spend as much time as possible with these people, so I joined them in the church. We receive the prayers translated in four or five languages and we read them. Everybody is impressed. We give the pilgrim’s candle from one to the other and we all say a prayer or wish something to the others. I love it when someone from Germany says that it would be great that we all take home a part of the light and the good vibe of the camino. We all hug each other and then we go to bed. Or to the mattress.


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