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Day 8 Camino de Santiago

Day 8
Wednesday June 12th 2013
Granon – Redecilla del Camino – Castildelgado – Viloria de la Rioja – Villamayor del Rio – Belorado – Tosantos – Villambistia Iglesia San Roque – Espinosa del Camino – Villafranca de Montes de Oca
27.6 km

We also leave early today so we can admire a beautiful sunrise on our way.

Today, we leave the “La Rioja” region and we enter in “Castilla y Leon”. We will now walk through the “meseta”. You can see only green croplands everywhere.

I stop for a tea at Redecillas del Camino. I am so happy to find here some of the people I met yesterday in Granon. This is a nice village, it smells like hay. Nicole catches up, so I walk with her.

Our next stop, we sit at a table in the shadow. We find here a girl from Columbia that is drawing. She has a diary of the camino in images. I’m impressed.

In Belorado I eat some fries and I stop for a while to take a rest. Nicole leaves. Meanwhile I make some plans for the summer with a friend. To visit Sweden. Or I might be making a plan for life. We have a very productive talk that makes my goal in life come out of the dark. I need to find balance between the yogi life and that of a writer.

The nice ladies from Austria I met yesterday are named Roma and Trude. Trude sits with me and I continue practicing speaking German with her. She tells me about her family, her daughters and her nephew.

I meet Saskia again, the cool girl from Holland. I talked to her a lot two days ago.

I continue walking by my self. It is kind of hot and my left knee hurts. I stop in Villambistia at an interesting fountain. There are red fishes swimming in the water. I meet Enji and Jin there and I walk with them for a few km.

I reach Villafranca de la Oca, where I check in at a four stars hotel. Actually I sleep in a room with bunk beds for pilgrims and 5 euros. Everything looks so luxurious here. There are also some peacocks in the frontyard. We sleep in the same room with the nice Italians. I notice another good-looking Italian guy here.

There are also three Spanish guys with us in the dormitory. They are a snorers-team so I joke with my mom that we could propose to the others to pay 2 euros each for a private room for those guys.

I go out and sit in the grass to practice meditation and some asanas. When I finish, a couple comes and sits with me. They are Robin and Peter. I noticed something. I started meeting and knowing people. I intend to develop my conversations, to reach more topics besides the camino classics. I met some people that I like to spend more time with. Unfortunately that is not always possible because they might go ahead or stay behind. I should at least take pictures of them.


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