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Day 9 – to Burgos

Day 9
Thursday, June 13th 2013
Villafranca – Burgos
38 km

My knee hurts. My mom wanted to walk for 10 km and then, take the bus. I decided to sleep more today and take the bus from here to Burgos.

My Italian friends leave at 7 and they wake me up ‘sei la ultima'(you are the last one here). So I wake up and, still sleepy, I accidentally use the men’s room. There comes a guy and sees me running out and we both laugh.

I meet also the cute Italian guy. I go in my room to pack after some small talk. My seductive power was also asleep 

I go out to bring my clothes back in. They are wet because I forgot them outside from yesterday. The fog is so thick this morning. I meet him again. It is nice to see a friendly face.

Everyone left, except me and three girls from Korea. The pilgrims that slept in the village before Villafranca started to catch up. I walk slowly and ashamed towards the bus stop.

It’s very foggy, there are 15 degrees Celsius and it is raining cats and dogs. So my shame disappears. In the bus-station I meet the three Korean girls. I feel good because I won’t go alone in the bus 

No worries, I am not alone in the bus. I see a few more pilgrims, all of them going to Burgos. My mom takes the same bus. She comes with Inmaculada, a great girl.
I saw her along the way limping and I admired her purple backpack. She was hurt but she continued walking despite a huge pain in her ankle. After talking to her for a few minutes, I realize that I like and admire her very much. I am glad that the camino introduces her to me.

We arrive in Burgos. Inmaculada helps us find the albergue municipal, the place we will sleep tonight. This is a great place, it was recently improved. It is very clean and it accommodates lots of people.

It’s still early, I go for a walk in the city center and go in a bar for a tea. I meet Inmaculada and my mom for lunch. Inmaculada walks very difficultly but she comes with us to help us discover Burgos. We go to a scallops shop for a snack. She tells us that it is a local tradition to have this kind of a snack before a main meal, or before lunch. We continue with visiting a traditional Spanish restaurant and I eat a salad and a pepper stuffed with mushrooms. Delicious Spanish meal.

For the first time in my life I feel the need to sleep at noon. I prepare my book and my ipod but I fell asleep on my way to the pillow. My mom wakes me up at 7 pm. I intend to take a shower and meet a group of nice people at 8. Unfortunately, I shower to much and I am ready too late to meet them. Some pilgrims I met a few days ago walked a lot of km today and they are now in Burgos. Good for them.

Inmaculada comes with me to take a walk. She suggests a cafeteria where I eat a brownie with chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Delicious again. I spend some more time alone in this place to use the free internet connection. I make some research in order to find a nutrition school. In the US there are a lot of schools that teach holistic or alternative healing. Oh, I really hope to find something like this in Europe…I would rather go to school than take online courses.

Personal insight: today would normally make me feel disappointed of myself. I feel quite the opposite. I am so happy that I arrived so far. I managed to rest, to eat real good food, I met a very special person. Now, I am stronger and I am ready. I can leave the pain behind and I continue walking the way!!!


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