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Day 10 – a great journey on the Way of St. James

Day 10 

Friday, June the 14th 2013

Burgos – Hontanas 31.5 km

I walk the whole morning with a dense fog around me. After a few km, the sun appears and the hot day is on. The perfect weather for a 30 km walk. Or not. In Tarjados, I find the first bar where I can choose to eat a vegetarian sandwich. I mean, today, after ten days in Spain, I can order in Spanish a sandwich without meat.


I stop to rest and to have a tea at Hornillos del Camino. There are some pilgrims here with their horses. They take them to the fountain to drink water. I find this really interesting. The guy I like is also here. He waved. I meet Nicole again. She is with Roma, the nice woman from Austria. They are a very fast crew. I am glad that I can walk faster and leave them behind.


I play with the butterflies. I try to catch them in a picture but they are too fast. This walk today offers me so many beautiful flowers to admire. All the Camino does actually. I would highly recommend to try walking the way in spring or beginning of the summer if you are a landscape lover.

I can’t wait to arrive in Arroyo because I need a bathroom. I would use the bushes, to hide behind them but I can not because it is too crowded. Everyone here uses the bushes sometimes, it is kind of normal. Or, another hypothesis, we are all a little bit crazy.


I expect Arroyo to take a break in the shades but I reach directly Hontanas. I don’t know how this happened but it is a great surprise. This village is in a valley, so you cannot see it from far like all the other villages. Usually, the church tower appears in the landscape when you are close to a village. But here, nothing. All I could see was the blue sky and the green fields. And now, I am in this cute village, hidden between the hills. And here I find such an amazing atmosphere, there are a lot of pilgrims, the Italians, Asians, Americans, Brazilians. It is a pleasant surprise.


I check in at Albergue Puntido. And then, I go through my daily pilgrim’s ritual which is a snack, shower and washing the dirty clothes. I walk up on a hill to meditate. Here I find a guy from…Australia I think, he is working out. And he is chatty 🙂

I sit outside in front of the bar. To see who comes and goes. And to check if especially a person comes :) and he comes 🙂 … 


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