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Day 11 – a great day of the way of St. James

Day 11

Saturday, June 15th 2013

 Hontanas – Boadilla del Camino 28.4 km

 We leave early. We watch the sunrise at 6 am on the way. This is a good moment to walk. I love how it smells. There is a girl, a good looking Italian that walks very fast. I think she is freezing because she is wearing sandals and shorts. There are 15 degrees Celsius, tops.  


There comes Roma, the nice lady from Austria that I met 4 days ago. She sings and walks. I listen to an audiobook. I think I will write a review…soon…

And these are the ruins of the San Anton monastery.

We arrive in Castrojeriz near the church for a tea. My mom likes this place very much. I also like it because I can take my shoes off and walk barefoot on the grass. We stop again in the center for a bocadillo. I asked for a sandwich with tortilla(omlette) and some cheese. I add some pepper from my backpack. Yes, I have some peppers in my backpack all day long. And I add them to most of my meals. This guy here is a little bit cranky. Usually, the voice inside my head would start judging and bitching but somehow I stopped it. So I take my sandwich outside and eat it. I go back inside to ask for a stamp. The cranky guy is now very friendly, we chat for a while and gives me a cookie… Somehow I knew that a person can have a bad day and I felt compassion. And I did not judge…that was a clever choice.

There is a hill in front of me. Off we go.

I go up this hill with 12 percent inclination. Slow and easy. Nobody walks faster actually. Step by step, I look around and observe the blue sky. I am kind of tired because of the hill but it is a pleasant feeling. As I see the colored environment I see more of myself. 

It is a long walk today without any villages. This is sad because I have very little water left. On the top of the hill, there is a shelter with shadows but this is it. And now, the way downhill. I can see green croplands everywhere. And a few red poppies. And some colorful pilgrims.

I arrive in Itero de la Vega and stop at a bar. I ask for a green tea but the old bartender gives me a beer. How can you say ‘te verde’ and receive a ‘cerveza’? Impossible to drink it, I would fall asleep after the first sip.

A few more kilometers to go. Too hot. And my feet hurt. But I make a decision. I want to run a marathon. Added to my bucket list. I need to use the ladies room but in this area I cannot use the bushes because it is too crowded.

In Boadilla del Camino I chose a private albergue. I like it here, there is a huge garden and a small pool. The pilgrims keep their feet in the water for refreshing.

It is early, I eat a salad for lunch and I add a glass of vino tinto. Nicole and Roma are here, it is always good to see them. Also, a big group of Americans are here.

It is time for my yoga moment in the garden. I miss my yoga classes so much…

In the village there is a party, a fiesta. There is a triathlon going on. For the first time since I started the , I can see regular tourists around.

I meet a few girls at dinner. Rachel from Illinois is a chaplan in the army. Her job is to bless her colleagues. Brittany, from Florida, she is 20 years old. She has two jobs and since she started the way, she has lots of funny stuff to tell. I would really read your stories, Brittany.

It is just us, the girls in this corner so we start discussing about our outfits on the way. We all have the opinion that a nice top would have been useful here. But we all packed by-the-book. Ultimate survival clothes and accessories, checked. But there is also the socializing component here. So I start wearing my pink top that was supposed to be my pajama. I use one of the three white tops as a night suit now.

For the first time on this way, I receive a very good vegetarian dinner with beans soup and a salad. The person who serves us, Eduardo is very patient and very kind. For desert, I refuse the ice cream and I receive an orange. I am very pleased with this dinner today. I am pleased with all this day actually. Or with all this week.


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