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Day 12 of the Way of St. James

Day 12
Sunday, June 16th 2013
Boadilla del Camino – Carrion de los Condes 26.1 km

I had the weirdest dream last night. I was the queen of France. I had no crown and no palace but in my dream, I was the queen. Let’s go back to real life. We leave early during a pink sunrise. Our way today goes near a watercourse, the scenery looks amazing.

I have breakfast, an apple, a banana and some green tea.

I stop to stare at the poppies and take pictures of them. A Spanish guy comes and tells me that they are called ‘amapolas‘ in Spanish. I love poppies so much and I am happy that I get to see lots of them today.

I stop in Poblacion. Today is Sunday and we assume this evening the stores will be closed. So I buy more food now, for tonight and for tomorrow morning. Brittany is also here, she is with Alistair, an interesting older man. And there is Andre, a guy from UK.

I start walking with Andre from UK, a girl from Canada and Jared from US. I had two green teas today so I walk faster, alone again.

I leave Villovieco behind and continue the way in a beautiful area nearby the water. There are a lot of flowers and trees around. And birds and bees. This is Canal de Castilla.

I walk singing a song from The Nationals. A poor insect got in my mouth and I accidentally swallowed it. I killed it. So sorry. Involuntary meat intake. Alistair and Sean catch up and we walk together for a while. I enjoy talking to them. Alistair gave me a great idea. He wants to plant poppies in his garden. I will plant the poppies in a plant pot on my balcony. He counts the types of butterflies that we see, that’s nice.

I stop to eat my sandwich alone, in the shadows near Villalcazar. In the village I meet Nicole and her friend. They just finished their break, so I missed them. He says that he will sing ‘I’m so pretty’ as loud as he can. This is another good idea.

I start walking again with the girl from Canada, Andre from UK and Jared from US.
There is a new guy in the team, Madhu from India. Interesting, he is the first Indian I get to know.

I use my last amounts of power to walk to Carrion de los Condes. It is hot and my feet hurt. I arrive in the albergue. I can barely speak, I tell them that my mom kept a bed for me. Then, I go to find my bed. I put my legs up on the wall to relax. My mom is very sweet and bought some cherries. I eat them outside while listening to some Korean girls talking. A very cute ladybug comes and sits on my finger for a few minutes.

We are in an albergue parochial. This is day 12 of my pilgrimage, it is time for me to go to church. In a church built in the 12th century that is called Santa Maria . I come for an event, don’t know how it is called, not regular mass, but some nuns singing a few songs. Their voices are amazing, I am so impressed.

We gather all to meet each other. The four nuns from the church now sing with their voices, a bong and a guitar. We all receive the lyrics so we can all sing. I don’t know why but this moment is so emotional for me that I start crying. And I cry and sing. Then, the pilgrims are also invited to sing. I like a lot that Kim from Korea took the guitar and sings a song. Sean from US also takes the guitar and sings Lumineers Ho hey.
I choose to listen to the mass this evening. In Spanish and I understand most of it. The pilgrims are blessed for walking the camino. We made half of it already.

I meet Mariano, the guy that volunteers as a host in the albergue. It is good to talk to him, last year he walked the camino, starting from his home in southern Italy. That’s a lot of walking, 5000 km I think. We walked it again this year and now he is here. And all he does is volunteering. He is my new hero.

I have a glass of wine with Nicole and we say goodbye because we might not meet again. I am so happy that I get to meet all these wonderful people but I am so sad when I realize that I might not see them again.


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