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10 thoughts on “Dreamcatcher

  1. wonderful dream catcher! I spent much of my life working and living on Indian Reservations. A reply to your comment on Melanie’s site:

    I smile at the suggestion of taking you there. Perhaps I will attend the 21 day retreat next summer. More info about this beautiful place where people learn and practice ways of understanding, love and harmony at: http://villagedespruniers.net/ or http://plumvillage.org/ . Several years ago I produced a video there that offers an impression: http://youtu.be/OHieroZ8fpA enjoy!

    • i watched your video and i loved it. i would like to go to an Indian Reservation. In fact, would like to live in one for a few months. Do you have any suggestion of how I could help in order to receive housing, food and teachings? Do I ask too much? thank you and i am so happy that i discovered your blog

      • Appreciate your kind words. In gratitude for free time I produce mindful video. Perhaps you can send a message via my blog contact page and offer a little more clarity of what, where and when; regarding this reservation dream. I will gladly offer what little advice that I can. Be well.

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