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Inspired by an instafriend to look up to see the beauty of the trees, i decided to go out …

This makes me get it! It’s good to look upwards. I learned this lesson a few months ago, from a dear friend. He has this thing, he looks up, he watches the sky and stretches. And he poses looking up also 🙂 this is cute 🙂





And there was another person that told me to look at the sky when I’m sad. That made me be a kid again. A kid that was stargazing a lot, very happy. I am so thankful for that moment!



I like studying people a lot and I am glad that I found some stereotypes that I like, so I had some good study material in the last period. Healthy, happy, creative, efficient people stand straight (yes, I am talking about their back posture), often look up and smile all the time. This is why I wanted to see what happens to me if I looked up. I started this routine. When I am outside, I press ‘Stop’ and I look up.



This is the result. I took a few pictures and … I started to feel very good. Take a walk and just watch the sky. It’s way cheaper than any other cure. And it is not me, but the wise guys who say that you can not be sad or have negative thoughts while standing straight and looking up! And it is sooooo easy!



20 thoughts on “Skyporn

    • Este …încântător…, splendid…, excepţional…, excelent…, admirabil…, uimitor…, fermecător…sa privesti in sus. si o fac cat mai des posibil. Cu cat mai multi ochi 😉

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