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To write, wrote, written

I read this and this. I was inspired to share…

The picture is from here.

Now let me tell you why I do it

I write to set myself free, to let go…

I write to learn about myself, to understand myself.

I write to show people that they are not the only one going through some faze.

I write to inspire others.

I write to bring some spice to your life.

I write to intrigue you, make you laugh or amaze you.

It makes me very very happy and pleased if,

– once a month, there is only one person that does a good deed…
– once a day, someone smiles…
– once a week, a person opens his or her mind and accepts new beliefs…

…after a visit on my blog.

Thank you, writing, you are the best!
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7 thoughts on “To write, wrote, written

  1. ceea ce scrie in primul citat este exact ceea ce simt si eu si ma pregateam sa formulez in cartea mea, sau am zis deja sub alta forma super, mamii!!!! esti foarte desteapta!

    cand ajungi la Deva? in ce zi? te rog daca ai timp cauta cartea “cum ne schimba Dumnezeu creierul”, ca imi trebuie neaparat pentru cartea mea. multumesc!!! pupiciiii!!!

    • I am honored to receive your nomination and I am thankful to see my blog mentioned by you. Unfortunately, I am a bit short on time these days and I prefer writing my own articles in the holiday-spirit, answer comments and visit my fav blogs 🙂 Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

  2. Really enjoyed reading this post of your interpretation of Stephen King’s wise words; and thank you for following my blog, I’m looking forward to reading more of yours! 😉

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