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Day #14 on the Way of St. James/ Camino de Santiago/ le Chemin de St. Jaques

Day 14
Tuesday, June 18th 2013

Hospital de Orbigo – Murias de Rechivaldo 22.5 km

It is hard to leave from this albergue as I felt very good here. This was one of the places where I would have stayed more than one night. I will keep this in mind until my next camino. Marianne, the hospitaliera is from Brazil, and she is a latino dancer. She is very sweet, it is a pleasure to be around her. I am so happy that I met her.
We leave the village and the way takes us through a chamomile field. It is starting to rain. The next village, Villares de Orbigo is empty, there is no soul to meet mine here. I only stop for a few seconds to smell the roses. My mom and I stop for breakfast on a bench. I have an apple, a nectarine, 2 dried apricots and some cranberries.
The ants cross the road.
In the next village called Santibanez, I meet two people and a dog. We start walking uphill. It feels really good. It smells like lavender, because the purple flowers are everywhere around me. We reach Alto Santo Toribio, the highest point for today. We can admire Astorga, the next city we are about to visit.

That’s my mom there, near the cross. I love you, mama.

In Astorga, in the city center there is a fair and there are a lot of people. This is new for us. We find our way in the crowd and stop in Plaza Catedral, next to a building made by Gaudi, Palacio Episcopal. I am happy that I can admire this building, I was not expecting to find Gaudi’s work on the way. This is a very pleasant surprise.
My mom eats churros con chocolate, a local desert. It is not my favorite, it is not sweet enough so I choose a green tea. I think I am addicted to green tea. We are lucky and we find a supermarket where we can buy food for today’s lunch and dinner and for tomorrow’s breakfast. You can find everything you prefer in a supermarket from a city here on the camino, but in small villages, most of the time you will have to compromise. But still, I managed to eat everything else but meat and I am happy.
Step by step, we arrive at Murias de Rechivaldo, our final destination for today. The last five km are a challenge everyday, no matter what how many km we walk before them. We check in at a private albergue. This place has a beautiful garden and it feels very cozy. There are a few persons here, among them the Americans, Matt and his son from last night, a Japanese man and two German couples.

We have lunch because we are starving.

We find here a washing machine so we decide to use it. I check the stuff I want to wash and here I am in my towel with nothing to wear. Nothing. This is funny. I am lucky and I borrowed a skirt and a blouse from my mom.

I am not in the mood for a nap so I stay in the garden. With my book and a glass of wine. And I also use my phone because there is wifi here, so I research the school I am about to follow. Or the courses I will take. I realized that I stress too much about this, all these answers will come at the right moment.

The Americans gather in the garden and all of them read out loud a prayer before dinner. This was a little bit weird for us. I prepare guacamole for us and we eat. The hospitaliera is very kind and she brings us a piece of cake that she made personally. I take a bite but again, I am not impressed. I make a wish: to find my dharma, my true meaning in this life.

I also noticed today that us humans, we consume more than we need. Advertising, you won!


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