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Day #15 on the Way of St. James/ Camino de Santiago/ le Chemin de St. Jaques

Day 15
Wednesday June 19th 2013
Murias de Rechivaldo – Foncebadon 21.9 km

We leave at 7. No more early starts because it is cold. But I am happy that there is no rain.

The path is flat and there are a lot of bushes with yellow flowers. It smells veeery good. A bird flies next to me for a while.

I arrive in Santa Catalina. I see a bar, the perfect place for my breakfast. It is cold so we are no longer using the terrace. I ask for a green tea and a sandwich full of meat for my mom  she wanted revenge because I did not wanted to split a breakfast with her as I wanted to only eat my bananas. On the way out I see the garden of the bar, it is awesome.

I reach the next village, El Ganso in 45 minutes. This is new record as I walked 5 km in 45 minutes.

I was this energetic because I was thinking about my future career. I will definitely help lots of people.

There is no rain as predicted but it is really cold. I only packed summer stuff …

I walk through a forest and this makes me feel like Little Red Riding Hood, no worries, no problems. Just me and the nature, this is so perfect. I can see lots of ferns and this makes me observe that I am at a high altitude. I can see now the reason for the cold weather. But I enjoy it because it is better for walking than the heat.

In Rabanal de Camino, feeling cold and hungry, I go in the first bar I see. Another pleasant surprise, they also serve vegetarian food. And I eat a veggies soup. Very tasty and warm.


6 more km to go for today. I walk very fast because I am freezing cold. It is like hiking in the mountains in winter back home. I admire the scenery. It has changed now, the red poppies are gone, now there is the purple lavender and all these bushes. I don’t know the name of the plant, but it was beautiful white and yellow flowers.

This time, the last 5 km were the best. I arrive in Foncebadon, an almost abandoned village up in the mountains. Here, at 1400m, there are only 50 people living. All the others are pilgrims. My cheeks are red and I am happy. My mom says that we are going in an albergue with people like me, meaning that they are colorful dressed, they eat healthy vegetarian food and they are practicing yoga every day. The yoga part gets me very excited, but sadly it is every day in the morning at 8 o clock. This is too late for us. I get a glass of red wine and stay by the fireplace to warm up.

The warmth makes me sleepy so I go up in the attic for a nap.

The dinner is vegetarian. First course is a salad with sprouted grain, seeds, red cabbage, carrots and many other vegetables. I love it. This is the first real salad I have since I started walking the camino. Second course, I have ratatouille, also delicious. I also receive desert, a fruit that will be my breakfast. The red wine, ‘vino tinto’ is not missing.I like it. We eat with Sabine and Markus, a German couple we met yesterday, another German, Herbert and Juan Carlos, he is Spanish from Madrid. We laugh a lot and all of us have such a great time. Herbert jokes that Juan Carlos and I should have another bottle of wine by ourselves. I enjoy talking to Juan Carlos because he has walked the camino before, and he also ran a marathon and about 10 semi-marathons. I have so much to learn from him. We talk about flexibility, the warm up before a run and I learn many useful things.

I go to bed, I mean the mattress, very pleased with today. There is no wi fi in this albergue and it is perfect.

I feel like I am a new me, like I was born again today.

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